EAN Annual Conference 2017 ‘Regional Integration – Opportunities for Namibia’



The Economic Association of Namibia, in partnership with the Hanns Seidel Foundation and The Namibian hosted a constructive conference under the theme: ‘Regional Integration – Opportunities for Namibia’ on 12 July 2017, at the Safari Court Conference Centre.

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Click here for a background note on regional integration and more information on the speakers.


EAN Conference 2017 Mrs. Trudi Hartzenberg Presentation – Regional integration – quo vadis?

EAN Conference 2017 Keynote Address by Hon. Calle Schlettwein, Minister of Finance – Repositioning Namibia in the Regional Integration Age

EAN Conference 2017 Mr. Francisco Paulo Presentation – Economic Prospects for Angola

EAN Conference 2017 Mrs. Ndiitah Nghipondoka-Robiati Presentation – Economic opportunities for Namibia from closer regional integration

EAN Conference 2017 Mrs. Ndiitah Nghipondoka-Robiati Presentation – NTF SWOT Analysis
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Please find the video links to the four presentations below. Enjoy the viewing:

#EANConf2017: Calle Schlettwein https://youtu.be/sKsraSZsu-k

#EANConf2017: Francisco Miguel Paulo https://youtu.be/2qhFur_f3sU

#EANConf2017: Ndiitah Nghipondoka-Robiati https://youtu.be/JeFRI36BB5E

#EANConf2017: Trudi Hartzenberg https://youtu.be/FdUuQ19ep9U