Research Institutions

Desert Research Foundation (DRFN)
Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR)
International Budget Partnership
Labour Resource and Research Institute
Legal Assistance Centre (LAC)
Namibia Institute for Democracy (NID)
National Commission on Research, Science and Technology
Southern African Science Service Centre for Climate Change and Adaptive Land Management (SASSCAL)
Trade Law Centre (tralac)
Raison Namibia

Namibia Economist 

Financial Institutions

Agricultural Bank of Namibia
Bank of Namibia
Development Bank of Namibia (DBN)
Namibia Automated Clearing House (Namclear)
Namibia Financial Institutions Supervisory Authrity (Namfisa)
Namibia Stock Exchange (NSX)
Payment Association of Namibia (PAN)
SME Bank of Namibia
Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE)
South African Reserve Bank (SARB)

London Stock Exchange (LSE)
London Metal Exchange (LME)

International Monetary Fund
World Bank


Private Sector Associations

Chamber of Mines of Namibia
Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Confederation of Namibian Fishing Associations
Namibia Manufacturers’ Association
Namibia Logistics Association
Namibia Agricultural Union
Namibia National Farmers’ Union
Team Namibia
Walvis Bay Corridor Group


Government Institutions

Government of the Republic of Namibia (GRN)
Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Finance (MoF)
Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development (MITSD)
National Planning Commission (NPC)
Namibia Statistics Agency


Regulatory Authorities

Business and Intellectual Property Authority
Communication Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN)
Electricity Control Board
Meat Board of Namibia
Namibia Agronomic Board
Namibia Competition Commission (NaCC)
National Commission on Research, Science and Technology
Namibia Standards Institute


Regional Groupings

African Union (AU)
Common Market for Estern and Southern Africa (Comesa)
East African Community (EAC)
Southern African Customs Union (SACU)
Southern African Development Community (SADC)
United Nations Economic Commission for Africa

Carribean Community Secretariat
European Commission
European Free Trade Association


International Cooperation Partners

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
Finnish Embassy in Namibia
Friedrich Ebert Foundation
Hanns Seidel Foundation
Konrad Adenauer Foundation