Are you interested in economics and believe you can further the objectives of the EAN?

In view of the transformation of EAN into a Think Tank, the Association only has one membership category namely, Associate Membership. In addition, the interested public can join the Association as part of general subscribers

Associate Membership

Who can be an associate Member?

Individuals who have the necessary qualifications and experience can apply directly on the EAN website. Applications will be open for a limited period and successful candidates will be awarded membership status.


  • Vote at the AGM on the leadership of the EAN
  • Can have research papers published and distributed by the EAN
  • Early invitation to EAN events
  • Early access to EAN documents
  • Notification of EAN website updates (vacancies, publications etc.)

How to become an associate Member?

Fill in the form below and submit your CV:


Who can be a Subscriber

Any individual interested in the Economic Association of Namibia or the Namibian economy.


  • Notification of EAN website updates (vacancies, publications etc.)
  • Invitation to EAN events

How to become a Subscriber

Fill in the form below: