Financing social protection in Namibia

This paper is a collaboration between the OECD Development Centre and the Economic Association of Namibia. It charts the evolution of social protection provision and expenditure, locates social protection within the context of Namibia’s broader fiscal framework and proposes options for enhancing its impact without increasing public spending. Access the full report on

Escalating Job Losses to Ripple Through Domestic Economy – Schade

The latest data from the Ministry of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation indicates that during the second half of 2018 close to 2 500 people were retrenched from 128 locally-based companies. The majority of companies cited economic reasons for letting their workers go while others mentioned restructuring and business closure as explanations for dismissing […]

Weekly Economic Briefing

WEEK ENDING 11 JANUARY 2019 HIGHLIGHTS South Africa 1. The African National Congress (ANC) launched its 2019 Election Manifesto on 12 January in Durban. 2. The rand strengthened to R13,77/US$1 on 11 January from R14,65/$1 on 3 January and R15,69/$1 on 5 September. 3. South Africa’s ranking in the 2018 Index of Economic Freedom improved […]

Inequality realities: A photographic competition

[gview file=””] The Economics Association of Namibia (EAN), the Namibian newspaper and Hans Seidel Foundation are hosting a National Conference on Inequality in Windhoek on the 5th of September 2018. To broaden perspectives on inequality, members of the public are invited to submit entries to a competition of photos that clearly and vividly depict the […]